I’m not crazy, just a little unwell.

6 Sep

So anyway, I decided to support my good friend who has a blog (illjuststayhere.com)  and in addition to laughing my ass off at her ability to recount a past situation with complete hilarious fervor,  I found myself motivated to write again.  I may not be able to evoke laughter as easily as my witty friend, but I have a lot to say. some may find it insightful, others may call it self indulgent rambling.  either way, I really don’t give a shit house rat’s ass if anyone ever reads this.  It’s mine, and I am going to feed it.  and pet it. and call occasionally call it George.  so thare. (mis spelling intentional)
That being said….

Crazy is as crazy does

I don’t like getting up in the morning.  it gets on my nerves.  I am one of those people that could sleep for 12 hours at a time and still be tired.  My psychiatrist is always telling me to eat a banana and drink some warm milk.   so that I can get a good nights sleep.  I don’t mind bananas, but the thought of warm milk makes me gag.  but apparently bananas have tryptophan in them, you know, the same sleepy stuff that’s in turkey. I have personally found that it has no effect whatsoever on curbing my insomnia.

i do realize that sitting in front of the accusing glare of the computer at 11:30 at night is propbably a contributing factor.  see there, I have already commited what is sure to be the first in a long line of spelling errors.  no wait, that’s two.  I have also some how gotten this page on full screen and don’t know how to use spell check!!! I can see that this is going to take time. maybe I will try that banana after all…..


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